When the trip begins, I'll keep an up-to-the-most-recent-internet-cafe-visit budget guide, updating how much I spend, how much I make, and how I kept my costs low. I'll divide this into a region by region thing to give you more information and show how choosing particularly cheap countries is a great way to save money.

This is meant to be an ultra budget trip. I aim for 10K to last me a year, though when I depart, I will only have 4-5K in pocket, the rest to be made on the trip either teaching english, writing travel articles, or illegal work. One goal of this trip is to prove to you out there who say "i can't do it", that, yes, you can!

Current Financial Statistics

1) Pre-Trip Costs
Ammount Reason Total Spent to date(portion) Notes
Airplane Ticket-MCI-Rom ($300) $300 ($300) actual ticket cost $450. But, cheapest available ticket was $300, and parents were willing to pay extra for me to take same flight as them.


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