My Goals

Why are going on a trip around the world? And what do I hope to get accomplished on this trip? A lot. This isn't just a voyage of partying, crazyness, etc etc. I'm not like that. I want more from this trip, a search for sprituality, for meaning, and to better understand not only the world, but who I am.

I'm not a backpacker. I don't fit into normal catagories, I never have and never will. I've found that I learn more about who I am when I'm in situations that challenge me as a person. I want to experience new things, to see how humanity survives on different corners of the world and how I fit into that paradigm.

What do I want to get out of this trip? What are my goals? I don't know exactly. To force myself to do things I wouldn't normally do, to meet people I woulnd't normally meet, to be in situations I wouldn't normally find myself in. To have an experience, in diversity, scope, and scale, that will last me a lifetime. To have a trip so unique, that only I will understand its true value.

Do I not many any sense? Confused? Or enlightened? Criticisms? Have any questions? email me !


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