Nithin's Best Travel Links

Ryan always was amazed at my ability to find information online. Now you can sare my apparent talent (joy). The following are my favorite travel links, in random "when Nithin posted them" order. If you're looking for other travelogues, click here. If you know a cool site I should know about, email me immediately! Also, check the comments for more cool links posted by fellow trippers.


Sleeping in Airports - A great site by Donna McSherry, with extensive reviews on Airports around the world. Sleeping in airports isn't as bad as it sounds. I lost my "airport" virginity in 2004, at London Stansted, and, after sleeping in a car 3 times the previous week due to short funds, the airport was luxurious. Check out the top ten best and worst airports, and the Airport sleeping tips.

Whats on When - The best website (that I know of) on Festivals, Parties, and events around the world. Easy to use Search engine and rankings.

The Gap Year - British oriented. For those damn Brits who all take gap years, excellent resource for how to take a trip around the world. One of the best sites.

Solo Travel - has excellent sample budgets, a very good booklist, among other good info for the solo/independent traveller.

Changing World - Gap Year Abroad - great resource for you Brits about taking your mandatory gap year.

Bootsnall - Good site with information about destinations, especially obscure places. Used it a lot during early planning.

GoNomad - good "alternative" travel website (ecotravel, travelguides, and good articles). Off the beaten path and socially consious travel sections. Good articles on how to finance a trip.

Attitude Travel - Low Cost Airlines - With so many low cost airlines nowadays, how can you be sure you checked them all? Attitute travel keeps tabs, of where they fly, how cheap, and more! Great resource, especially in Europe and SE Asia (link to Europe section)

Gooflight - Another good source to find cheap air flights around europe.

Pass Plannet - A good source of information about Southeast Asia.

One Bag - Great information about how to pack your bag

Experimental Travel - If you have been in a place for awhile or just want to try something new this site has awesome recommendations for experimental traveling techniques.


Dave's ESL Cafe - jobs about teaching abroad, especially ESL (English as second language), includes forums, teaching guides, and "how to" for teaching abroad.

WOOFing -
Live on an organic farm and work, get free food and board in return. Interesting, unique way to travel, something Ryan is strongly considering for Spain.

Au-Pair Europe - For you girls (seriously...maybe 1% of listings accept males) - babysit or be a nanny in Europe, get paid and/or get free housing. Another way to travel cheap!


BBC Climate - Want to know the weather for a certain region during a certain time of the year? If not, you should - don't want to be stuck in Bangkok during a monsoon! Best, easiest to use, and up to date site to check on climate all around the world.

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