Trippers' Best of...

The eternal question. "What was the best..." or "What was your favorite..". Questions almost impossible to answer, because, everything is awesome in its own way. When you view the eyes through subjective lens, though, you are bound to find some places, some restaurants, some hotels, some beaches, to be the best. So here you are, the list of the 10 Best things, places, actions, people, that we saw/met/ate/did during our tour. Updated semi-regularly.

Best Sights/Tourist Attractions - NEW 1/18

Festivals - NEW 1/6!

Backpacker Ghettos - NEW 12/22!

Best Temples/Religious Buildings

Friendliest People -

Best Lodging - Are we staying there? YEAH!

Best Food - Oh my! My mouth has never been happier!

Best Bars

Best Sights/Tourist Attractions

Best Beaches

Most Beautiful Scenery


Biggest Surprises - whoa, completely didn't expect to find something that cool there!

Best Overall Cities/Villages -
_____ was so freaking awesome!

Deciding whats the best is tough. (at the Alhambra, Spain)

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