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Welcome to our video portion of our website. It originated a just a link to talk about a hopeful documentary that we were going to shoot (and still may), but in the meantime I will include the links to all the videos we shot here. Enjoy!

Sintra Day Trip
The first video we shot. This is a world heritage site just outside of Lisbon. The short consists of mostly the highlights of this scenic, yet touristy city, and the medieval castle which looms far up on the hillside.

Road Trip to Pamplona
This video file is so big that I had to split it into two parts. The first part is mostly scenic footage of us driving to France, and our time in Bordeaux and the Fete le Vin. The second part starts with our car breaking down and our frustration and boredom of dealing with Europcar.

Part One

Part Two

We had one week to get from Granada in the south of Spain to Pamplona, in the northeast of Spain. One stop off in Bordeaux for two amazing nights at the "Fete le Fin" and a few problems with our car.


Another Scenic piece, but some of you (like my mom) prefer that. Very interesting place, carved totally out of the rock walls in southern Jordan.


PLEASE: Vote for my video after you watch it, if it gets enough Green Lights then it gets published and I get money. And that money, of course, will go towards more souvineers for you guys!!

About our future documentary:
Traveling around the world allows one to experience many great, new, interesting lands. However, eventually you'll find yourself sitting in your flat/hostel and think to yourself, "now what." Traveling is an art and although you will experience many new, great things, it takes a lot of effort on the traveler's part to put his or herself in a position to meet new people, and create new stories. This is where my idea of creating a documentary comes in...

The documentary is a multifaceted effort. Myself, as a filmmaker, am tempted to take something material away from this trip. A video archive of the people and places that we will reach in our journey. In doing so, we will be forced to immerse ourselves in the cultures we experience and try to find different stories that people in the United States have never heard, or seen before. I can use the documentary as a core to our trip, and for those times I am sitting around in my flat/hostel and thinking, "now what" I can grab my camera and find something interesting to add to our story of traveling the world.

We are in the process of making other short videos to host and show on our website. Included are -
- Scenic videos set to original music.
- Mini-documentaries about certain cities and regions we have traveled to.
- Short original films - to shoot while we are bored

More videos to come. Links to all of our hosted videos will be kept here!

Any and all of these ideas may fail horribly, but then at least I will have a well documented video of me and my friends traveling the world after college. As a film major, I owe it to myself to film at least that.



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