Nithin's Freelance Travel Writing

I'm not just a Tripper', but also a Travel Writer. Throughout the World Trip I will be submitting travel articles to various online and print magazines. The ones below are the ones good enough to get published. They contain useful information about their respective destinations, and will be linked from relevant posts. Check back often for updates!

World Trip
Sultans and Censorship: Life in the United Arab Emirates - 2/27/07
A Cordoban History Lesson - 5/13/06
Planning a Trip Around the World
- 3/10/06

Best Mexican Restaurants in Los Angeles - 11/17/05
Freer and Sackler Galleries, Smithsonian, Washington, DC - 11/20/05

Budget Guide to European Hostels - 12/09/05
Enjoy Dublin's Famous Craic on a Budget - 11/15/05
Aix-en-Provence, France - Youth Vibrancy in France - 11/24/05

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Blogger Wanderlusting said...

Nithin, you bastardo! All this time I was talking about journalism and travel writing and you never mentioned that you did it as well...or maybe you did and I don't remember it...hmmm. Well lets pretend that's not the case.
For shame!


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