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Ying, couchsurfer and true traveler whom I met in Malaysia

Old (as in - the trip is over, but the info is still great) Travelogues

The Chicken Bus - I wish I could design a site this nice - beautiful design. Mostly a 3rd world tour (like ours!), tons of information. Make sure your computer can handle graphics, though.

2Go Global - "
We spent 18 fabulous months traveling through South America, Central America, Japan, Southeast Asia, India, Nepal, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and the United States." Excellent "best of" lists - something I plan to add to this site once the trip is over.

The Travel Year - Read the "hints" - they were really useful in our planning of this trip. Also itinerary matches our initially proposed one (Eurupe, SE Asia, Japan, Central America - not too many countries, an in depth trip)

Backpacker.ie - Irish Travelogue. Only decent blog we could find that went to Tunisia, one of our hopeful destinations!

Wanderlings - Another extremely well designed site, with a detailed itinerary. Updated often (at least when they were travelling).

TheFickAdventure -
Decent, consise, Travelogue. Went to Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Thailand, Nepal, Frankfurt, and Washington DC (my current home!).

World Wanderings - Most updated sight I've ever seen - almost an entry for every single day! I doubt I'll even come close to their precision - maybe the five of us combined :-P. Lots of interesting stories.

Go Global Girl - Yeah, its old, and outdated. So 1999. But, its a fellow Kansan! Us Kansans gotta stick together. KANSAS REPRESENT!

watkinstravel.blogspot.com - Ok first off I don't know how to do a link so Nithin can edit this later. This is a family from Vancouver who has been traveling for well over a year. Great people so check out their site!

We'll add more and we discover more - especially ones that are concurrent to ours. Do you operate a Travelogue and want to do a link exchange? Or want to meet up? Email us! ((at) = @)


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