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I was born and raised in the rich suburban community of Highlands Ranch, CO. I lived out a wonderful childhood growing up here. I never had much to worry about besides getting good grades in school and going to college. I feel lucky to be able to have the experience of growing up feeling safe and that there is a laid out plan for me...go to school...get good grades...go to college.

I love Highlands Ranch, but I also like to consider it a "Giant Bubble." Sounds weird but let me explain. Everything in Highlands Ranch seemed to perfect. You had everything anyone could want around you, restaurants, movies, skate parks, malls, etc. It was all handed to me on a silver platter. The "Bubble" contains everything a person needs to have a happy, comfortable life. When people move into the bubble, many people don't want to leave. It just keeps growing and growing. I feel that I have lived out most of my life in this bubble.

Now, I don't get me wrong...I didn't grow up a sheltered kid or anything. As a matter of fact, spending my youth in the Rocky Mountains proved quite the opposite. I was a Boy Scout, eventually reaching the highest honor of Eagle, and I have traveled most of the continental United States. But I've always come home to my safe little bubble, where news from the outside world hardly affects it. Same thing day in, day out.

I am done with the bubble. I wanted more to life. I don't want it handed to me on a silver platter. How can one truly live if they don't experience what is beyond their walls of comfort.

I wanted to experience something new. I wanted to meet new people. I wanted to move on with the next stage of my life, so I moved to Kansas. I attended KU in Lawrence for 4 years. Some people might question why would I move so far away to a place so drastically different from the mile high city. Exactly that...it's something different. I don't regret it one bit. If I didn't grow some guts, and bust out of "the bubble" then I wouldn't have had the experiences I did. I wouldn't have met these fellows who share the same dream to travel. I wouldn't even be writing on this website.

During my four years in Lawrence, I learned more about myself than all the years I spent in Highlands Ranch. It sparked a craving in me to experience more, learn more, and grow more. It is time for me to start a life where I am completely independent. It is time for me to take the wheel and drive. Where to?...as many places as I can while there is still breath in my lungs.

I am an aspiring world traveler. I am a designer, an artist. I want to experience life to the fullest and filter it out through my design. I want to communicate with people of all cultures and hear what they think and why. Anything that will help me relate and connect and find some common ground between my life and theirs. I want to take that message with me and express it through the power of design.

When I return, I hope to have gained a new outlook on life. And when I'm on my deathbed I can look back on my adventures and see how it has greatly influenced my entire life. I want to look back on it and tell my grandchildren..."That was bad ass."

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