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The Trip is over. But, boy, was it a trip. 13 months, from Rome to Tokyo, with a few hundred stops between. Scroll below to see the archives of the trip, photos included.

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Famous Zouk nighclub near the Petronas towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Each portion represents a chronological time period and geographical region. Not everyone was in every portion, the names at in parenthesis. Please read away, see the labels in each section for country specific posts. Or better, use the search tool on the sidebar on the left.

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Portion 1 - Spain, Portugal, Morocco - Mar-July 2006 (everyone)

Portion 2 - Eastern Europe - July-ear Oct 2006 (everyone)

Portion 3 - Alone in Eurasia - Oct-Dec 2006 (Nithin, Ryan)

Portion 4 - India - Dec 2006-Feb 2007 (Ryan)

Portion 5 - Southeast Asia and Japan (Nithin) Nov 2006 - Mar 2007

Portion 6 - China (Ryan)

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